Bart Kamen Memorial Scholarship

In 2012, the Bart Kamen Memorial scholarship was established, in memory of passionate and long-tenured first supporter, distinguished pediatric oncologist, devoted family man, and cancer pharmacologist, Bart Kamen.

His colleagues popularly knew dr. Bart Kamen as a brilliant scholar, dedicated mentor, compassionate physician, and gentleman, unfettered enthusiasm for learning, talking science, teaching, and challenging the mainstay with his full thinking style for the betterment of care was unmatched.

Dr. Kamen loved being a pediatrics and physician. He was notable for balancing the art and science of medicine and patient care and had a great relationship with his patients and their respective families.

Dr. Kamen, who was one of the magical physicians, who could ultimately engage and comfort a sick child with a three-minute fun game, while simultaneously completing a full neurological exam.

While he was extending his signature excellent care to his patients, the doctor also organized leading-edge research for more than thirty years around folate biochemistry and antifolate pharmacology with the aim to reduce the adverse side effects of active cancer battling drugs.

Dr. Kamen’s clinical and findings interests were driven by the overarching aim of “translational research.” Taking the best science to the bedside.

The Bart Kamen Memorial scholarship fund provides funds to undergraduate students who pursue biomedical engineering or pre-medical degrees.

The fund helps the ‘First’ vision to transform our tradition by building a world where science and technology are appreciated, and where young people look forward to becoming science and technology leaders by selecting students who excel in a FIRST program. The funds also seek to honor the legacy of Dr. Kamen, by providing renewable financial grants to undergraduate students who, through their participation through their FIRST programs, have demonstrated the passion for developing Dr. Kamen’s brilliance and extraordinary potential, for improving the lives of patients.

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