Scholarships For Children Of Suicide

Did you that children who have lost a parent to suicide are more likely to develop suicidal tendencies, die by suicide themselves and increase their risk of developing a range of major psychiatric disorders? While children are surprisingly resilient, however a parent’s death by suicide, especially that of a mother has been shown to have a stigmatizing effect that can weaken a child’s innate security and trust. They will often feel a sense of abandonment and struggle to process emotions towards their dead parent.

Grief support and therapy, in this case, is very important to ensure the success of their recovery and the sooner it is done the easier it gets for a child to fully express themselves emotionally because it is not uncommon for a child to think that they are to blame for their parent’s shocking and often disturbing sudden death.

In addition to counselling, there are various organizations that provide scholarships and financial aid to children who are victims of parental suicide. There is a need for a continual sense of stability, especially in cases where a family has a history of financial hardship, which in essence, means that the child may be forced to discontinue their education.

The generous support offered through these scholarships is exactly what such children need most in the aftermath of parental suicide because not only will this help them recover and keep their lives as normal as possible, but it also assists them in returning to their regular routines, school, and activities.

Many organizations that offer scholarships and grants to students who have lost their parents to suicide also make raising awareness and suicide prevention education and advocacy as part of their program. This powerful and effective platform is not only a space where they can feel safe and supported, but it also enables these children to share their feelings and experiences as they gradually come to terms with the loss of their parent.

A suicide prevention program that successfully provides children and young people who are victims of parental suicide with education and builds awareness of suicide can truly make a difference in a bereaved child’s life and reduce the risks of them being a suicide statistic in the future. Survivors of a family suicide learn how to cope with their loss at the same time have their tuition, textbooks, and other living expenses covered in order to allow them to return to school and become productive members of the society.

Scholarships that are awarded to kids orphaned by the death of both or one of the parents are not limited to athletics and academics, in fact, students with musical aspiration or dance talents can get funds to pursue their dreams. Millions in college scholarship funds have been awarded over the years. Therefore, one only needs to know where to look for such grants and meet the eligibility requirements such as writing an essay about how the death of their parent has affected their life financially and emotionally.

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