Hatton W. Sumners Law Scholarships

The Hatton W. Summers Scholarships normally provide scholarships for law students in different universities which they are affiliated with. They normally provide various accompaniments with the scholarship, and they also have various expectations which they expect one to uphold. The scholarships offered by the foundation are normally a merit-based program as the successful candidates are expected to uphold academic excellence, potential for leadership and a sense of civic responsibility. Nevertheless, in the vent that one does get the scholarship, then one may easily also have enhanced traits and skills as the Foundation normally takes a keen interest in each of the Sumners Scholar. They provide a unique educational experience for every one of their beneficiaries.

Nevertheless, the scholars are also expected to uphold the statement of purpose with regard to the Foundation at all times. Some expectations that one is expected to be upheld by the trustees include:

  • Developing/ strengthening their understanding of and the gratefulness for, the fundamental values of America’s representative democracy
  • The scholars are expected to be informed politically and participate actively in various democratic related processes be it locally, state-wise or nationally
  • Honoring their civic duty by committing their talent, time and treasure in order to improve the larger community
  • Enthusiastically help the Foundation in carrying out its benevolent drive.

The scholarship is normally valid for a period of three years for the individual, and they are normally expected to rank among the top one third of their class on a yearly basis regardless in order to maintain the scholarship. In the event that one fails to meet the standards that have been set by the specific scholarship, then one may easily lose out on the scholarship as it may easily be taken away. Hence, one needs to work extra hard to make sure that they maintain their scholarship by simply maintaining their grades.

Some universities that are affiliated with this specific scholarship include the Oklahoma City University School of Law and The Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law. The two universities are known to be high end universities when it comes to the field of law and produce nothing but the best of students. Four to six scholars are normally picked at each law school each year. Never the less, the scholarship is known to actually cater for various things such as full tuition & fees, a living allowance and a book allowance. Hence, all one needs is to simply go and read. To grow their capabilities and just focus as everything is catered for.

The Sumner Scholars are able to also get additional programs which involve various talks from different speakers, take part in various public policy, civic and leadership participation programs and have access to various educational and internship programs in the state of Washington, DC.

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