Phoenix House Foundation

Phoenix House was established in 1967 by six heroin victims who met at a detoxification seminar in a New York hospital. They were anxious about staying fresh after detoxification, so they moved from New York City’s Addiction Services Agency soon incorporated construction and management programming into the society. At Phoenix House, for some consumers, a residential program may be the most suitable course of cure, while outpatient care–where clients can attend treatment after work or school–may be finest for others.

They propose a full variety of programs and services, from evaluation to healing planning to revitalization support and everything in between. Clients may step forward from therapeutic detoxification and stabilization, to housing treatment, to outpatient care, to sober living housing treatment or they may go through healing at any point along our variety of care services. Their main motive is to do anything it takes to give you or your loved one the best probability for long-lasting healing.

Their healing practices and other methods are time-tested and have constantly proven unbeaten in the most complex substance abuse scenarios. They do understand that the reasons of craving are difficult and often many-sided; but they are there to direct those who they serve and their families every step of the way.

At Phoenix House they are obsessive about healing different persons, families, and communities affected by substance use disorders and related mental wellbeing conditions. With over 130 programs in ten states, they are serving thousands of men, women and teenagers each single passing day. They have become an inspiration of hope for the most helpless: teens, young adults, women, mothers with children, and other individuals. A leading provider of drug abuse treatment services in Florida, Phoenix House treats adolescents at their Derek Jeter Center and adults at their Heartwood Campus Outpatient Counseling Center in Brandon. Phoenix House arranges residential handling for adults in a prearranged environment. At The Preserve, clients study and practice the skills required to live a life free from substance addiction. These skills incorporate enhanced communication with family and friends; going through emotional management skills; and constructing healthy support systems. The Preserve offers a selection of diverse behavioral health, fact-based treatments with cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-informed therapy in a comfortable, encouraging environment. Treatment cultivates a greater support system by putting family members in the process. Their programs combine fundamental counseling process, educational, and recreational actions that challenge residents to recognize the nature of their substance use and become familiarized to living with no alcohol and drugs. At Phoenix House, residents are encouraged to chase positive goals and values. Family participation is encouraged. A top provider of substance use services in Florida, Phoenix House handles youngsters at their Derek Jeter Center. Phoenix House’s expert and empathetic treatment helps adolescents restore to health, put back together family relationships, and build fundamentals for happier, recovered future life. Communication between parents and counselors assist families to achieve peace of mind. Adult Outpatient Counseling services provide outpatient treatment exclusively intended for adults 18 and older who are going through substance use issues or associated mental health circumstances. Duration of treatment is determined by individual want and clients’ calculated development within their tailored plans. Their Outpatient Programs make use of fact-based practices and combine judgment, assessment and social skills teaching, individual and group counseling, 3D toxic related screenings and recommendation to other treatment as required. Treatments for adolescents also contain educational services, healthy free time activities, and follow-up with clients and their family members. All services are provided by highly credentialed specialized workers.

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