Angels at Risk, a new-fangled cutting edge, which is a not-for-profit organization highlighting stoppage education for drug and liquor use and abuse with teens and their families, is enthusiastic about having their Second Annual Happening “Stand Up to Addiction in the Name of Prevention” at the home of Jena and Michael King. They have been in being for over 15 years, and have an established model of success for scattering a positive, love inspired message to our societies, schools and families.

Their prime Angels at Risk program at Santa Monica High School is tremendously overpopulated, almost to the point of intolerable. They have up to 65 children in one classroom, some of them sitting on the flooring, and up to 50 parents, some of them standing in the back. They are extremely short-staffed at the moment, especially in contrast to the excessive need and demand. They remain to get requests for their facilities that they cannot meet because they don’t have the financial and employment capabilities.

Angels at Risk is structuring a web among schools, restoration centers and prevention programs. They continue to make a change in the quality of our community, both in avoiding short-term crisis and in upholding long-term social steadiness. Their programs and services have shaped a fruitful coalition and they continue to be a juggernaut against drug and spirits use and exploitation.

Angels at Risk, a non-for profit salaried with at-risk teens and their relatives in managing drug and liquor use and exploitation, and The Jena and Michael King Foundation, held the remarkable second annual “Stand Up to Addiction in the Name of Prevention” Fundraiser on February 11. This day was best described as full of elegance.

Among others, the event program included five most tenacious young speakers who stood proudly, and a bit anxiously, on the stage having accomplished the Angels at Risk program to express the story of their journey till now. Angels at Risk trusts in the power of storytelling and they use it in all foundations and aspects of their agendas. It is done through storytelling that all individuals find a mutual ground in their sentiments, and it was through these speakers that the event itself became an educational format and forum for everyone involved.

As the youth speakers told about the choices they had thru and what lead them down a problematic path, you could realize the association and understanding in each of the 22 central and high school volunteers at the Angels at Risk event. The speakers were no longer perceived as strangers, but were their colleagues, their equals and friends. They were able to sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Past has proven that the truth and innocence of all of their life stories illumines confidence and gives a means to aid each other. They inspire everybody to share their stories with each other. It stimulates the drive to be on that stage one day for anyone who is drug addict. This way they are preventing and giving awareness to common people out there who can be victim easily.

Please do visit their website at to find more information about the organization, including stories from parents and teens that have completed their program and letters of endorsement from their loyal supporters.

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