Nobody ever starts out wanting to get into any type of addiction, especially heroin addiction. Heroin is a drug that is prevalent all types of age groups and genders alike. However, with recent statistics, young adults are falling victim of the drug with each passing day.

50,000 United States citizens died from Heroin addiction in the year 2014 alone. Reports have it that the numbers have risen at an alarming rate since then.  It is ranked the third most dangerous drug, after cocaine and marijuana.

The problem with Heroin use is it starts as a form of escape. However, it later becomes something that you cannot escape from. It literally consumes your life, thoughts, and emotions. The Herren Project seeks to help people and families that seek help out of heroin addiction.

The Backstory of The Herren Project

The Herren Project was founded by Chris Herren in the year 2011. He was a rising star in the Basketball arena, yet, his dreams were cut short by his heroin addiction. To be more specific, he played for the Celtics in the NBA. He hit rock bottom and used that as a platform to propel himself back to sobriety.

With a new focus and dream, he started the Herren Project. He now uses this platform in the hope that he can save millions like him, from hitting rock bottom Or from even treading down the path of heroin addiction, to begin with.

What Is It All About?

The Herren Project is a non-profit organization that seeks to offer a helping hand to the community at large.  Established by Chris Herren, a former NBA basketball player, and former addict, it has since grown in terms of success and popularity.

The Herren Project not only deals with Heroin addiction, but other types of addictions, including Alcohol addiction. The Project raises funds through donations, Marathons  Runs and various fundraising events. From this, it is able to support the individuals or families that come to the Foundation for help.

The foundation, in an effort to address the problem of drug addiction, focuses on three main areas. It focuses on education, treatment navigation and mentoring.

Education to bring drug use awareness to communities and schools, and treatment navigation to help those in the drug addiction. Mentoring focuses on the end stages of the program, to walk the individual or family as they try to transition back into normal life.

The Project’s initiative to help does not stop there. In 2012, the Herren Project launched a campaign famously known as The Herren Project’s initiative, Project Purple. Project Purple is based on anti-substance use nationally. It works to encourage the youth to be the difference they would like to see in the world.

Moreover, the campaign seeks to educate youth in other productive ways of dealing with life challenges. This seeks to direct youth from the turning to drugs for comfort and instead,  turn to more productive outlets.

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