NEW YORK, NY. MAY 6, 2013

Literacy, Inc. (LINC), a New York City-based non-profit charitable organization which helps children on their path to success by activating community resources to build strong readers, today announced that it has received a $1 million donation from the Sumner M. Redstone Charitable Foundation.

Literacy, Inc. inspires and enlists communities to create a better future for children through early reading success. Operating in all five Boroughs of New York City, LINC’s work is the catalyst for a cycle of community development that begins by engaging its members in helping their children become better readers. Using community based coordinators, LINC structures and supports efforts by parents, teens, seniors, local businesses and community organizations to create literacy rich neighborhoods. LINC partners with community members for weekly and monthly reading partner programs at a variety of neighborhood sites. In schools, libraries, parks, apartment lobbies and clinics, wherever children are found, LINC supported programs are available.

Mr. Redstone said, “Instilling the joy of reading in children at an early age exponentially benefits the entire community. By showing parents and neighbors how to run their own literacy events in their communities, LINC does incredible work bringing lifelong learning tools to children, who are then more likely to succeed in school and their careers.

“I have long believed that education is the most important determinant of a fulfilling and successful life. By building literacy skills at the earliest stage, LINC can positively impact a lifetime of learning. I am pleased and proud to support LINC and its unique and highly effective community-based programs. I hope that others will recognize and support LINC’s important work in helping communities build a better life for their children.”

Shari Levine, the executive director of LINC, said, “Mr. Redstone’s visionary and transformational donation provides much needed resources for LINC to expand its programs, helping more children to read and, ultimately, to thrive in their lives and careers. His lifelong dedication to education and philanthropy is an inspirational model for young people everywhere. We are so grateful for his generous contribution and honored to have his support as we work to create and sustain reading programs that promote emerging literacy skills.”

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